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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Shopping Haul

Hello there :) For this post I’d like to share with you the things that I purchased this week! Most of what I purchased has a Parisian theme (typical me), such as these lovely Des Cahiers (notebooks) which came in a pack of three as part of a notebook collection called “Paris in Colour.” I stumbled  marched into Dymocks bookshop and just before I was about to leave (to the pleas of my sisters who accompanied me and were getting annoyed at the amount of time I was spending there) I saw them from the corner of my eye and had to buy them. The back and front covers of each of the notebooks feature gorgeous Parisian images, which follow a colour theme of either red, green and yellow. They’re nice and light to carry and easy to slip in your handbag. I’ll be using them for uni lectures/ notes and some things personal like blogging ideas and journal entries (as they’re just too pretty to just be wasted on boring university notes).

 I also bought some books (no surprise there to those that know me well) from my local Collins bookstore. I bought Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, which I have been meaning to read for a long time. I have not ventured much into the classic books but I would like to expand my reading into that area this year. Whilst at the counter I spotted a Parisian bookmark for a dollar. *Sigh* I have to do something about this Parisian addiction. In Target I went to the book section and bought three books. Tamara McKinley’s Echoes from Afar (which is set in Paris), Letters to the Lost by Iona Grey and Paris Letters (surprise surprise) by Janice McLeod. I have soo many books to get through this year! Eeek. In Target I couldn’t help myself to not buying these Disney DVDs, The Little Mermaid and The Lion King, the latter of which I am watching right now while preparing this post.

 I also recently updated my phone to an iphone 6 and needed a new iphone cover, so of course I went for a Parisian theme. It says “Bonjour Paris” on the back alongside a cute image of the Eiffel tower and a bicycle. Very pretty and totally my style. I also went to the Body Shop and trialled almost all their body butters and fragrances before deciding on the Japanese Cherry Blossom body creme and fragrance mist spray. They have a gorgeous, floral-like scent that is light and summery. Complementing the body creme with the fragrance mist I find enhances the body cremes lovely, fresh scent. It’s quite concentrated and I can sense it scent throughout the day, which is great! There’s nothing better than having a nice shower/bath and then lathering this on my skin, I absolutely love it. 

I also was in need of some new accessories so I went into Lovisa and bought these three pretty packs of earrings, which were on a buy 3 for $10 special. There is soo much jewellry there I had a difficult time choosing between all the different pieces but I stuck do what I needed and bought the earrings (with an extra pack of rosegold, long earrings that just slipped onto the counter where I was paying). How cute are the little owl pair?

I also bought these marble and rose-gold double earrings from Witchery. My sister picked them up and said “you’ll like these” and I did so I bought them. I’m going through a phase of liking marble and rose gold so anything that features them together my purse starts singing. I also went to Forever New, a really feminine and pretty store and from there I bought some lovely silver earrings shown below and a mixed ring set (I really love accessories as you might now know).

I also bought a cropped, white t-shirt that has an image of a bottle decorated with gold sequins that says “Potion d’amour” on it (yep, another Parisian item to add to my enormous collection of Parisian things). I also got this gorgeous floral, maxi skirt that’s an item of the stores latest collection, La Soiree. It’s decorated with lovely florals, which makes it a beautiful piece to have to wear in the summertime. I love the split in the middle which allows the skirt to flow prettily behind you as you walk. It’s flirty and feminine and I just love it. 

There’s also a lot of khaki in at the moment so I bought a khaki t-shirt that ties at the waist and a khaki roll-neck sleeveless dress, which I got from Forever New.  I also needed a new bag for uni/work so I went for this black backback and to wear in the summer time I bought a cute white, mini side bag. The bags I also bought from Forever New.

In Topshop I found this black, sleevless blazer that was on sale. I love how it can be worn with almost everything and can be dressed down for day or up for night. I can see it as an item that I’ll be wearing a lot. In Peter Alexander I bought this pretty Bambi nightie that is part of the store’s Disney collection. I love the bright florals in it! 

At the end of my latest shopping trip I purchased some yummy macarons from Zumbo. There were so many delicious sounding ones to choose from but I went for four nuttella, a salted caramel  and a marshmallow flavour. Mmmmm . . . And so there is my shopping haul for this week! Let me know some of the things you purchased this week in the comments section. For now . . .

Au Revoir!

Kristina xx

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