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Monday, 18 January 2016

Pretty Pink Purchases

Hello! You'd think I'd have had enough of shopping after having spent a lot of time doing so in the past week, but nope...! I seriously need to consider leaving my card at home when I go out! Anyway, I can't regret these lovely pink items I went out and bought yesterday at two outlet stores. I went into Victoria Secret, whose fragrances I really like. I had to take an image of the bag as I think it's really pretty. 

Inside this pretty bag are two lovely things, the Love is Heavenly body lotion and body mist. I was first introduced to this scent when I went to Victoria Secret in Hawaii, It contains water Lily, Mandarin Flower and Luminous Musk so it has a floral, feminine scent that is subtle and lasts all day. The body creme is absorbed well into the skin and I can smell it on me even at the end of the day. Apparently Victoria Secret have actually discontinued it, which is a shame because I really love the scent but you can still buy it from some outlet stores and online from websites such as Amazon. Whilst on the subject of Victoria Secret, I thought I might share some of my other Victoria Secret fragrances, which I also bought in Hawaii last year. 

This fragrance called Eau So Sexy is also one of my favourites, it is almost gone now so I really need to get a replacement soon. It is fruity and also very feminine like the Love is Heavenly fragrance, as it contains bergamot, paradise apple and Chantilly cream. I wore it every day in Hawaii so whenever I catch its scent I'm taken back to the memory of being there. I also bought some mists shown below. I stocked up on a few more of them but I have since used them up but the ones shown below are Coconut Passion, Sheer Love and Aqua Kiss. Coconut Passion definitely reminds me of the beach and spending time in the sun, Sheer Love is quite soft and floral and aqua kiss is very fresh. I think these particular scents have since been discontinued but they have remade them into another fragrances, one of which you can find here

I also bought these lovely slippers from Peter Alexander, which are made of 100% Australian sheepskin wool. They are soo soft and comfortable to wear, I feel like I'm walking on a cloud! 

Have you bought anything petty and pink lately? Leave a comment below and feel free to let me know what your favourite Victoria Secret fragrance is if you have one.

Kristina xx

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