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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Last 5 Things I Purchased

I've had quite a busy week, hence the lack of blog posts, but I did manage to treat myself a little so I'm going to share with you the last 5 things I purchased! 

1. Forever New Cardigan
The first thing I bought this week was a long burgundy cardigan from Forever New, which you can see here. I love cardigans and the rich colour of this one made me have to buy it.

2. Forever New Jeans
I also bought a pair of black jeans you can find here, which are really fitted and comfortable. I basically live in jeans so I might be needing to buy myself another pair in good time...! 

3. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
I read a lot of good things about this mascara in the blogging universe, so I went out and bought it myself. The brush is different to what I have used before in that it doesn't have actual bristles. It is also smaller than the mascara wands I am used to. I did have some trouble maneuvering this through my lashes and ended up getting it all over my eyelid. I think I just need to practice using it as I have tried it only when rushing to get to work. I love the texture of it though because it isn't drying. I will have to continue to get a feel this one!

4. Magazine
I am a proper sucker for magazines (especially for those that come with freebies!). I will literally read anything so along with this magazine I got about five other ones. This one came with a Shea Butter handcream from L'Occitane, which I have never tried before. I have been meaning to experiment with L'Occitane products as I have heard a lot about it. I also love their packaging and the ingredients they use within their products. 

5. Nails
Not exactly a purchase but I went out and got my nails done with a friend. The last time I got my nails done was with shellac and that was well over a year ago. I stopped going because it just wouldn't last for me. Literally after a day or two they would fall out. When I heard about SNS, which you can read in detail here, I wanted to see if it was better for my nails as I missed having them done nicely. I have had them for over a week now and I am very happy with this nail technique. I have not one chip and my nails feel strong and are growing nicely. As it says in the link the benefits of this technique is that it consists of natural ingredients and involves no UV light, which is healthier for the nail.

What are some things you purchased this week?

Kristina xx



  1. happy almost Friday. I have that same mascara and I love it. I nominated you for a tag. please check it out on my blog.



    1. Hello! :) Thanks so much for the tag! I've checked it out, I will get to it real soon! :D xxx


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