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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

10 Little Things that made Me Happy

 No I didn’t win the lottery or hear any official news that JK Rowling was going to release another Harry Potter book. I didn’t even find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that appeared in my backyard. But I still managed to be happy this week! :D Why? Because these ten little things happened . . .

  1. There was just enough jam in my jam donut. I hate it when you eat something where there’s just not enough filling and you’re stuck eating the boring parts. This time, though, I wasn’t disappointed.
  2. I started reading a new book (surprise!). I love the feel of the crisp pages between my fingers, the crease-free cover and the excitement of reading and experiencing something I haven’t before.
  3. Thankfully enough there was nobody around as I fell going UP the stairs. My bag managed to wind itself around my neck. How embarrassing, though!!
  4. I woke up in the morning and the sunlight was ready to burst through the curtains of my bedroom windows. I simply feel happier when I wake up in the morning and the sun is shining. It means I can spend more of my day outdoors and that my blog photos will turn out better!
  5. I flipped through a collection of family photo albums and had a little chuckle at how dorky I was am.
  6. I sat outside a cute cafe with my bestie. Frothy cuppacinos. Dappled sunlight through the trees. Laughter. Good conversation. Delicious dessert. Bliss!
  7. It rained outside whilst I was snuggled up on the couch in my pj’s watching my favourite tv show. I love the feeling of feeling safe and warm in my house while the weather is roaring outside. This is especially so during the wintertime when the fireplace is on!
  8. I made someone laugh a lot :D There’s no better feeling than when you can bring happiness to someone else’s day (even if it’s an embarrasing story about yourself).
  9. I added to my collection of Parisian items by discovering a cute little Eiffel Tower pen. Yep ,you read that right!
  10. I scored my favourite parking spot in the carpark of a shopping centre when it was really busy (which is as far as my luck seems to go these days!).

It’s the little things in life, folks!

What are some of the little things that made you happy this week?

Kristina xx



  1. Found you on blog loving and followed. Yes it truly is the simple things in life that makes you happy. Today I grabbed one of my older jackets and inside the pockets was $5. That was enough to buy me a donut and iced coffee which made my day!



    1. Hi! Thanks for the follow and the comment :D Ohh that's so good! I should go check my pockets, too . . . haha :) xxx


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