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Monday, 28 December 2015

Summer and Seaside

As it was a nice, warm day yesterday, my family and I decided to spend it at the seaside in Williamstown Beach and Eastern Beach in Geelong, Victoria. It was a relaxing day where we ate fish and chips, good ice-cream (of which I could not get a good photo of because the moment I got it it started to melt) and meandered about, visiting favourite childhood play areas and taking lots of photos whilst munching on some lollies we found in a quaint, little lolly shop.
At Eastern Beach we saw wooden poles painted as various characters and a Ferris wheel that I was a bit afraid of going on as it was quite windy :/ In all it made the environment look bright, colourful and fun. Also in the middle of the water we saw a giant, floating Christmas tree made out of shiny disco ball discs, which I thought looked pretty cool. In all twas a good day and we went home very sleepy but very happy :D

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