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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Presents

For this post I thought to share some of the things I received as Christmas gifts! This Christmas, I received a lot of French or Paris themed gifts, which I absolutely love because I find such a theme quite feminine and pretty. My bedroom is a testament to my love of this theme as almost all the decor in my room features something to do with Paris (I am surprised that I am not speaking French already). So, for those that know me well, they knew that I would love a gift of some sort of this particular nature. The first thing is a book entitled The Little Paris Bookshop, written by the international bestselling author Nina George. I have been eyeing this book in my bookstore for a long time and so I was glad when I opened it up on Christmas morning. I, of course, did not only want it because of its title or cover (which features a lovely image of the Eiffel Tower) but also, quite seriously, I read the synopsis and it sounds like a good story line, so I am quite excited to add it to the pile of books I need to get through these Christmas holidays…!

I also received a vintage looking Paris wall frame, which looks like an enlarged stamp. In addition, I got a 2016 Planner that  . . . yep, you guessed it, also Paris themed. It features lovely photographs and quotes about Paris, which break up the usual diary of just pages of days and dates and makes it more exciting to open. I hope it actually makes me want to look at my planner and all the things I have to do!

 I also received a Hermés perfume called Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, which translates to “A Garden on the Nile” and is a part of Hermés Jardin collection of which is inspired from a Parisian rooftop garden. I have so many happy memories wearing this scent, which I first discovered last year after seeing the bottle and loving the green colours it’s made of. After smelling it I loved it even more. It is true to its name as it literally smells so fresh like a garden. When I inhale its scent the image of a warm, summer garden with tall green grass dotted with colourful flowers and buzzing insects forms in my mind. Some of the notes it features are green mango, lotus, calamus and sycamore wood. I also received this beautiful antique figurine of Beauty and the Beast, my all time favourite Disney film. I was told by my sister who gave this to me that she just came across this in an antique store and thought of me, which is really special. This is definitely up there in my list of sentimental things (of which there is a lot because I am a very sentimental person).

Funnily enough, a few days before Christmas, I treated myself to these Beauty and the Beast pyjamas that I bought from Topshop. Like my sister, I saw them and just had to get them! Last but not least I also received a pretty nightdress by Peter Alexander, who this year created a Paris-themed pyjama collection, of which I could buy everything. It features an image of the Eiffel tower with the words “Sweet Dreams Paris” written across the front and a cute little tulle fringe that looks like a tutu. It’s very pretty and girly and so I adore it. As you can see I was definitely spoiled this Christmas! 

Comment what you got for Christmas this year, and whether you have a favourite theme of some sort like me? xx

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