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Friday, 5 February 2016

Parisian Patisserie

I've said before that I love Parisian things, I honestly must have been born there or something in a past life. Anyway, there's one particular Parisian Patisserie or boulangerie based around Melbourne that I love and frequent a lot and it's called the Parisian Baker. Looking at the photos of the gorgeous selection of pastries it's not too difficult to see why I love it so much. It's a cosy little place that's decorated white with shabby chic furnishings. The lovely, wide shop front window is filled with a display of breads and pastries that I doubt you could ignore if you were to walk by it.

I honestly have a difficult time choosing what to eat here because everything is just too good and tastes like no other pastries or desserts I've had before. I feel like I'm eating authentic Parisian pastries made in Paris (all that's missing for me is the Eiffel Tower and a French accent).This place is my favourite for frothy hot chocolates the almond croissants, which are deliciously crusty and buttery! Also, I love the Chocolate Truffle Cake, which for me has just the right amount of chocolate in it (not too sweet). It literally melts in my mouth. I've also had a box of Petit Four, which features a mini lemon curd tart that I could have a million of because it's so delicious.

The beignet (donuts) are the softest, fluffiest donuts I've ever tried. They are filled with either raspberry jam, custard and chocolate (of which I have tried all three) . . . I'm getting so hungry writing this right now haha. The custard and chocolate filling I could eat by by themselves with a spoon. Oh, and the cinnamon donuts are perfection. Again, soft and fluffy. They also have brioche breads, which are amazing, too. They have savoury brioche ones with ricotta and spinach fillings as well as raspberry and custard. I could literally eat this whole shop if I had the room for it.

Also, I love the Parisian touches, such as the cute little bicycle at the front whose basket I've once seen filled with loafs of bread. They also have a clock telling the time as it is in Paris, which makes me wish I was really there! 

Apologies if I've just made your mouth water . . .! What are some Parisian pastries that you love? If you live in Melbourne, let me know of your favourite cafes :)

Kristina xx

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