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Sunday, 28 February 2016

How I do A Neat Wing Eye

One thing I used to dislike about doing a wing liner is making both eyes look the same without any smudging. There was many a times where I'd end up rubbing off all my eye makeup in frustration because I couldn't get the lines to match up properly or neatly. This was before I discovered a little trick - sticky tape. Today I thought to share with you how I do a wing liner. In the example below I used Maybelline's ColourShow black eyepencil, however using a liquid liner or any liner works all the same. It takes me about a minute or two now to draw a perfectly symmetrical wing.

The first thing I do is take a small piece of tape and gently press is on the lower lash line and join it up to the end tip of my eyebrow, though you can play with the angle you place the tape depending on the look you want. Then I draw a line going upward from the lower lash line on both sides, ensuring they are of the same length. Then I draw a line across the upper lash line and then fill in the little corner between the two lines on a slight slant. Remove the tape and there's a clean line. Easy peasy, nice and neat. Sometimes to ensure I create a perfect liquid liner I map it out using this technique with an eyepencil, which ensures no mess and helps it to stay on longer.

What do you think of this technique? How do you draw your wing liner?

Kristina xx


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